·         If you have an emergency, or are reporting a crime or dangerous situation, please contact the SBISD Police Department.
·         Questions about policy, services, employment or Human Resources, should be submitted to the SBISD Administration Office.  A listing of contacts is provided below.
·         General informational questions involving news items, story or photo submissions, publications or public information should be submitted to the SBISD Communication Department.
·         Questions about community engagement, SBISD mentor and volunteer programs, partnerships or other community relations questions should be submitted to the SBISD Community Relations Officer.
·         Please submit questions about the website to the District's Webmaster.

Does Your Question Concern:
·         Administration
·         Assessment/Accountability
·         Athletics
·         Board Meetings
·         College Prep
·         Curriculum, classroom setting or after-school programs - Contact your campus principal.
·         Elementary Education
·         Employee Benefits
·         Employment
·         GED Records
·         Graduation Information
·         Health Services
·         High School Transcripts
·         Human Resources
·         Partnership Office
·         Police Department (Email if non-emergency.)
·         Policy
·         Purchasing/Vendor Information
·         PTA
·         Rental Space/Facility/Grounds
·         Retirement
·         Secondary Education
·         Substitutes
·         Testing Date
·         Transportation/Bus Routes
·         Volunteer/Mentor Programs