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How can I get the latest news and information from SBISD?

Below is a listing of resources used by Spring Branch ISD to communicate with parents and community members.

SBISD Social Media:
Additional Links of Interest:

Campuses Who Offer Social Media

Below is a listing of campuses who use authorized social media accounts in SBISD.  Some campuses opt to not offer social media as a communication tool.

Remember: When visiting ANY social media sites it's a good idea to check to see if the person authoring the site is really who they say they are, or if they are a legitimate representative of that organization.

There are sites that exist which appear to be legitimate media outlets, but in fact are not.  Make sure you check with your campus, or review the list provided here, to confirm you're visiting a 'real' campus social media website.  If you have questions of concerns about something you see online, email our Webmaster.

High Schools

Middle Schools

Elementary Schools

Early Childhood/PreK Schools

IF your campus has a social media account that you don't see listed here, email the SBISD Webmaster.

What is a social network?

An online social network is like any meeting ground, group, or club. The sites work pretty simply: Anyone who signs up (for free) gets a page to do with whatever they like. Although many exist, MySpace and Facebook are the most popular. They are great outlets for creativity and voicing opinions.

These sites also form a communication hub with all sorts of options, from Instant Messaging on MySpace to “writing on someone’s wall” or “poking” someone on Facebook. Social networking site offer the cyber equivalent of “clubs” you can join.

Online Safety = Common Sense

Just like you're advised when meeting strangers at clubs, school, or work -- you are also advised to proceed with caution online. We can only control our site and our posts. If a user has an account on Twitter other users can approach them as followers.

Please use caution and common sense online.

If you find content or information that is questionable, or are approached to join a group or redirect to links on remote sites, be sure you know who and what you are allowing. Accessing unknown sites can open your computer up to attack and spyware.

Social networks are a great platform for groups to communication and build relationships. The nature of social networks is to allow all users the capability to join in open communication. Unfortunately, some people may be looking to abuse or manipulate this opportunity and try to ruin the experience for all users. By being aware of your surroundings and who you are talking to, you should be able to safely enjoy social networking online. Just use common sense and listen to your inner voice; it will tell you when something doesn't feel right.

We want everyone to have a great online experience. We hope this helps you feel safer about using Twitter and other social networking tools. For more ways to stay connected with all things SBISD, visit the SBISD news blog site, The School Zone.

Do you tweet?

SBISD posts updates on our SBISD Twitter page to help inform our community of events and important news. We monitor who is signed up or ‘following’ our page. We do not follow any other users. This means that we do not post content that is not approved or reviewed by the school district.

We do not link to other sites or content that is not related directly to our mission of education and student achievement.

When you sign up to join Twitter you create your own account, and then follow our page.
Please be aware: Other Twitter members can sign up to follow your page.

This can be anyone who joins the site, including groups or organizations. If you have a user who requests to follow your page, and you do not want them to do so, you can adjust the security settings on your personal account to exclude them access to your account.

It’s up to you to control who and what you want to see using your Twitter account.
Here is some useful information about Twitter:

For more information, contact the SBISD Communications Department.


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