Friday, October 26, 2012

A New Website in SBISD

We've been talking about it for a long time...and it's finally here. Many of you know that a new website has been in the works in SBISD. Our Web Team's been hard at work wrapping up final updates and getting content ready for this transition.  Visit our new website at

So, why do we need a new website?

We made these updates to:
  • Improve site functionality and user experience
  • Streamline content based on user groups
  • Update content (Some of our site content was close to 10 years old. An average website's 'life' is around 2 years.)
  • Target relevant content based on user need (Based on web analytics, over 80% of the old website was not used or accessed.)
What does this mean for public site users?
The new site will go live October 26 after close of business in SBISD. If you have old pages bookmarked, please be make sure to delete your bookmarks. We will make every effort to redirect old or outdated content. Once the new site is live, the Webmaster and Web Team will continue to make any necessary edits or modifications needed to improve the online user experience.

If you need help during this process, please feel free to email the SBISD Webmaster at:

We realize this change will require some getting used to. 

After using a website for as long as many of us have used the previous SBISD portal and public website, everyone has developed their own method of find things and making it work. While we have worked hard to create a new site that is functional and will serve everyone, we know change can be hard. 

We appreciate your patience as we move forward during this transition. If you need assistance or have questions, you can always contact the SBISD Webmaster. Our hope is that everyone will enjoy the new site and find it functional as well as appealing. The new site is organized by user group. Content is grouped for user group targeted audiences. The main sections of the new site are:
  • HOME
  • NEWS
What does this mean for SBISD employees?
For internal users and SBISD staff members who are accessing STAFF only content, you will see a new home page when you login to the network. This STAFF section will now be a secure section that is part of one comprehensive SBISD website. Your default landing page will be set. 

Many of our old URLS will change since the new site is being managed in the content manager and no longer on an external server.  If you have old URLs on printed materials in your department, make sure to update those when you have your reprints done.  Also, delete old bookmarks and clear cached content off your computer or devices.

If you need assistance or have inputs, email them to the SBISD Webmaster:

Please note: The current sites have been in use for a long time. It will take adjustment and time to become familiar with the new site format. For users who need help locating resources or online tools, the Webmaster can be contact for assistance at:

This project required the collaboration and work of many individuals. Thank you to everyone for their patience and hard work during this process. We appreciate your support!

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In addition to our new SBISD website, Spring Branch ISD has a number of social media options for news and digital media alerts. From Facebook to Twitter, Blogger, Pinterest, SmugMug and YouTube, SBISD offers users a range of tools to stay connected and informed about everything Spring Branch.


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