Monday, November 12, 2012

Red Ribbon Week

Many Spring Branch ISD campuses found visible ways to show their commitment to a drug-free nation through activities associated with Red Ribbon Week, which was recognized Oct. 23-31 this year.

At Rummel Creek Elementary, student “socked-it to drugs” during Red Ribbon Week through a variety of daily activities that included wearing their shirts inside out, wearing crazy hats or hair, and wearing neon-bright clothes.

Celebrated across the city and nation, Red Ribbon Week is the nation’s older and largest drug and alcohol prevention program of its kind. The yearly Red Ribbon Campaign began after drug traffickers killed DEA agent Kiki Camarena in Mexico City.Red ribbons are displayed as a symbol of intolerance towards use of drugs. Parent and educator training and support help keep the campaign alive.

On Oct. 25, more than a dozen Westwood Elementary School students attended a Red Ribbon Rally held at City Hall downtown.

Nineteen student members of the campus K-SHAC group and President’s Club at the school took part in activities that were held from 9 a.m. until early afternoon. City Hall activities included working on an anti-drug city ordinance for youth and hearing a presentation by U.S. Olympic welterweight boxers Mark and Steven Lopez.

“This was a life-changing event for all of our students because they were given a voice that was heard by government officials,” said health fitness instructor Samuel Karnes, who sponsors the K-SHAC group at Westwood.

“This took weeks of prior planning where our students worked on city ordinances at school, and then saw them brought to real life at City Hall. They had a blast!’ he exclaimed.


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