Thursday, November 29, 2012

Stack Up Day

Second-graders at Memorial Drive Elementary School took part recently in the World Sport Stacking Association’s (WSSA) Stack Up Day. On Nov. 15, the association reports that a new Guinness World Record was set as more than 412,000 school children from around the world stacked cups on one day.
Last year, 412,259 young people from around the world stacked cups on one day. Sixty young student stackers at Memorial Drive Elementary added to this year’s world total. Schools and other groups that represent 30 separate nations registered for this year’s colossal sport stacking event, WSSA reports.
The WSSA was formed in 2001 for the purpose of promoting and governing sport stacking around the world. Sport stacking was born in the 1980s in southern California. The activity gained attention when “Tonight Show” host Johnny Carson featured it.

The skill improves hand-eye coordination, quickness and ambidexterity. According to WSSA, stacking “helps students develop bilateral proficiency’ and may help develop the right side of the brain, which is involved in personal awareness, focus, creativity and rhythm. Sequencing and patterning skills may also be improved through sport stacking, supporters say.

Health Fitness specialist Kate Stoll led the recent special event activity at Memorial Drive Elementary.


  1. "Stack Up Day" Way to go, team and Ms. Stoll!


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