Thursday, November 29, 2012

Walk-a-thon for Allergies

Memorial Drive Elementary students walked around the school track about 5,800 times and raised $5,300 to support children with life-threatening allergies, including food allergies. The walk-a-thon was held Nov. 1-9, and it even supported several students at the school.
Students walked on the school track during recess.  Parents joined their child on the track to walk during recess on Nov. 8, and then learned more about food allergies from local and national experts who were on hand at the school. The events were planned and coordinated by the Campus School Health Advisory Committee.

The students participated in a kick-off assembly Nov. 1, where they learned that one in every 13 school-aged children in the United States now have some form of allergy.

“We taught them about food allergies and helped them understand that food allergies are serious and can be life-threatening. We introduced the ‘Be a P.A.L.’ program where P.A.L. stands for Protect A Life from Food Allergy, and looked at some simple steps our students can take be aware and to help keep their friends with food allergies safe at school,” School Nurse April Ries said.

Proceeds from the walk-a-thon were donated to The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network, a charity that focuses on food allergy awareness, advocacy, education and research. “It’s a win-win activity because the students benefitted from walking for their health in addition to raising awareness about food allergies,” the school nurse added.

The grade level with the most laps walked per number of students was Memorial Drive’s fourth-grade class.


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