Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January is National Mentoring Month

Thank you to all our outstanding mentors! 
This month we’re proud to be participating in National Mentoring Month, 31 days where we celebrate mentors and recognize the importance of their positive impact on students. For Spring Branch ISD, this year brings special meaning because it marks the 10 anniversary of our mentoring program, SpringBoard.

Over the past 10 years, the SpringBoard Mentoring Program has grown into a program that serves more than 600 students on 30 campuses around the district. With more than two dozen partner organizations, including businesses, alumni organizations, community members and faith groups, the SpringBoard Program continues to bring community members into our schools, build cross-cultural understanding, and connects adults to the youth in their midst. Mentors demonstrate that our schools and our communities are inextricably linked, with each dependent upon the success of the other.

Here are a few ways that we are recommending for you to take action during National Mentoring Month:

Spread the Word
Change your profile picture on Facebook and Twitter to the Mentoring Works badge (provided here). By doing something simple like changing your profile picture, you're helping spread the word and increase the awareness of people in our community. You may even inspire someone else to do the same!  (How to: Right click and save the badge to your desktop.  Then, load it to your social media profile.  It's that easy to show you care!)

Be a Mentor
Find out how you can get involved.  Visit our website for information on how you can become a mentor in SBISD, or other ways to be engaged and part of shaping the future of SBISD, one student at a time.  Click here to see what some of our mentors are up in our monthly video spotlight, or visit our mentor newsroom.

Thank Your Mentor
January 26th is National Thank Your Mentor Day. As a mentor, sometimes we never really know how we have changed our mentee’s life. If you are a mentee, now is the perfect time to take a moment and thank your mentor for the difference (s)he has made. Your personal message makes us all remember what it is about mentoring that makes it all worth the effort.

If you would like to share your story, or thank a mentor, please leave your comment here. 


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