Thursday, January 31, 2013

Science is cool.

When you think of the energy industry, do 3-D glasses, mechanical arms or laser lights and glowing rocks come to mind? 

Science and technology were alive at Shadow Oaks Elementary on Thursday as the Offshore Energy Center's MOLU took center stage.  The MOLU (Mobile Oilfield Learning Unit) is a traveling exhibit that features six self-contained learning centers with hands-on activities geared to engage students in the study of science, energy and technology. 

The curriculum presented by each of the MOLU 's  24 activities is based on TEKS, or the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills official curriculum for kindergarten through 12th grade students, and aligns with classroom instruction.  Student learning activities ranged from viewing ocean maps with 3-D glasses to making rubbings of microfossils, studying the process of distillation, and exploring the many ways that the oil and gas industry impacts our lives every day. 

Part of the Offshore Energy Center's educational outreach programs, the MOLU stands out because it offers schools the ability to host the mobile learning facility in a gym or campus common area. 

Up to 50 students can rotate through the exhibit each 90 minutes, receiving  correlated learning materials and instruction for each of the 24 stations.  The Center promotes awareness and understanding of offshore energy, as well as generating an interest in the oil industry as a career field for students.  The Center also offers teacher workshops, field trips, traveling exhibits and curriculum materials. 

Spring Branch ISD believes that education is a partnership, and Communities in Schools (CIS) and the sponsors who supported the Offshore Energy Center, put that belief into action.  MOLU supporters include Devon Energy Corporation, Dominion Exploration & Production, ExxonMobil, Halliburton, Marathon Oil Co. and Schlumberger. Companies like these are inspiring the next generation of scientists and engaging local area business leaders as partners in the education of our children. 

Special thanks to Marathon Oil and Communities in Schools for making the event at Shadow Oaks Elementary possible.

For more information about the outstanding programming and educational outreach offered by the Offshore Energy Center, including information on the MOLU, free resources for educators, or planning a trip to their museum and educational center,  visit: 

For more information on Communities in Schools (CIS) and how your company can be a partner in education visit:

In addition, visit the SBISD Community Relations website for details and information about the great things going on in Spring Branch today.


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