Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February is National Career Technology Education Month

During the month of February, Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs across the country showcase their programs and students’ successes to their community, policymakers and business leaders.
This year’s theme is “Career and Technical Education Works!” to emphasize that CTE works for students, business and industry and the economy. 

CTE programs can be found in SBISD middle and high schools and in colleges throughout Texas. The programs prepare students to be college-and career-ready by providing core academic skills, technical skills, and job-specific skills. 

As the Texas Legislature develops new graduation plans for high school students, CTE is at the forefront of that change. 
High school students involved in CTE are more engaged, perform better and graduate at higher rates. The 2011 average high school graduation rate for students concentrating in CTE programs in Texas is was 86%,  our district was 90% and CTE in SBISD was 94%. Similar success can be seen as CTE students enjoy a lower dropout rate than district average and much lower than the state. 

In the Houston area, half of the fastest growing jobs and job openings over the next decade will require an associates degree or technical certification.
For more information on some of SBISD's outstanding CTE programming, visit the CTE website


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