Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fifteen art students win Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo honors

Artwork by 15 Spring Branch ISD elementary, middle and high school students will hang soon in the public Hayloft Gallery at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo.

In January, SBISD hosted its annual K-12 Rodeo Art Exhibit at the Altharetta Yeargin Art Museum, which drew hundreds of students and parents during a two-day viewing and later judging session. Students who were awarded Best of Show, Gold Medal or Special Merit by Rodeo officials will have their original art displayed in the Hayloft Gallery at Reliant Park. The Houston Rodeo this year will be held from Feb. 25 through March 17.

Photo reproductions of Best of Show, Gold Medal and Special Merit winners in SBISD, as well as original Runner Up student entries can be viewed in the lobby of the Wayne F. Schaper, Sr. Leadership Center (SBISD Administration Building), located at 955 Campbell Road.

During the Rodeo, several dozen student artworks from across the region will be chosen during Grand Prix judging for an art auction, which can result in thousands of scholarship dollars for a fortunate young artist or artists.

District winners headed to the Houston Rodeo for display include:

Best of Show 
  • Elementary – Ally Reichel, 5th grade, Wilchester Elementary, Paste and Metallic Glue 
  • Middle School – Ashley Park, 8th grade, Memorial Middle, Prisma Color Pencil 
  • High School – Anna Cho, 10th grade, Memorial High, Acrylic Painting
Gold Medal 
  • Elementary – Yerang Lee, 2nd grade, Wilchester Elementary, Crayon and Watercolor 
  • Middle School – Jun Yong Kim, 7th grade, Memorial Middle, Prisma Color Pencil 
  • High School – Woohyun Amy Cho, 11th grade, Stratford High, Media Color Pencil 
  • High School – Eunjoo Oh, 12th grade, Memorial High, Prisma Color Pencil
Special Merit All Special Merits are High School entries: 

  • David Salas, 10th grade, Memorial High, Graphite 
  • Ryan Cowell, 11th Grade, Memorial High, Oil Paint 
  • Flora Theroux, 10th Grade, Memorial High, Prisma Color Pencil 
  • Jun Young Baik, 12th Grade, Memorial High, Prisma Color Pencil 
  • Hyeyun Jeong, 11th Grade, Memorial High, Acrylic Paint 
  • Seoyoung Kim, 10th Grade, Memorial High, Prisma Color Pencil 
  • Erica Kim, 9th Grade, Memorial High, Prisma Color Pencil 
  • Itsel Casarin, Stratford High, Bleach & Graphite 
Students named Rodeo Art Black Ribbon Runner-Ups, by medium: 

Colored Drawing
  • Michael Boyd, 5th Grade, Frostwood Elementary 
  • Adriana Kelly, 7th Grade, Memorial Middle 
  • Sergio Castagnoli, 4th Grade, Frostwood Elementary 
  • Natalie Goff, 12th Grade, Memorial High 
  • Aidan Burke, 1st Grade, Wilchester Elementary 
  • Roberto-Eduard Lipianu, 6th Grade, Spring Branch Middle 
  • Yichien Lee, 11th Grade, Stratford High 
  • Ernesto Abbud Polin, Kindergarten, Wilchester Elementary 
  • Amanda Hinojosa, 10th Grade, Stratford High 
  • Caden Wang, 3rd Grade, Wilchester Elementary 
  • Sophia Venegas, 3rd Grade, Wilchester Elementary
Mixed Medium
  • Rachel Whipple, 5th Grade, Rummel Creek Elementary 
  • Joseph Meza, 5th Grade, Treasure Forest Elementary 
  • Lesile Tirado, 5th Grade, Treasure Forest Elementary
  • Alyssa Plant, 9th Grade, Stratford High 
  • Anne Albright, 7th Grade Cornerstone Academy 
  • Morgan Howell, 7th Grade, Cornerstone Academy
Monochromatic Drawing
  • Annie Lui, 10th Grade, Spring Woods High 
  • Jon Chambers, 12th Grade, Northbrook High
  •  Jacqueline Mask, 12th grade, Stratford High


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