Friday, February 8, 2013

New Drum Club for Memorial High School Students

Memorial High School students are dancing to a new beat this school year with the addition of a
drum club on campus.  The Drum Club promises to be an adventure in music and cultural exploration.  The club is one of many extracurricular activities available to students on campus.

Students across SBISD benefit from a wealth of activities that enhance their educational experience, including clubs and school-related organizations. For more information about extracurricular activities in SBISD, click here.  Or, visit your campus website.

Club members' determination and commitment resulted in the formation of another outstanding activity student at Memorial High can share with their peers, families and community. Below is the story of how the club was formed.  Thank you to Memorial High School for sharing this with us!

For more information, visit the MHS website.

In their own words:

It was early May, 2010 when we first moved from Korea to the United States, to San Antonio, Texas. It was so hard for us to adjust to our new life, that we had forgotten about our Korean traditions in the first year of our arrival. It was nearly a year after, when we had a chance to reconnect with our traditions, when shortly after moving to Houston, Texas, we found a news article about the Korean Folk Band in Houston recruiting young people for their band. It was a turning point for us to retake the opportunity of what we had forgotten in the past year. 

We have become members of the Korean Folk Band in Houston, and had over 25 performances already in and out of Houston, such as the Korean Festival in Houston and the Texas Folklife Festival in San Antonio. Even though we were busy, we decided to form a new club in our school, Memorial High School. 

We did it, because we truly believe that through Asian druming, we can help others achieve a better understanding of our culture and costumes and eventually help in making the whole community stronger. With this in mind, we began the organization of our club on August 2011, but due to shortage of drums, money, and practice place, we had to wait more than a year to create this new club. 

At the beginning of the school year 2012- 2013, we sent an email with our performance videos to more than 100 teachers in Memorial High School hoping to find the help needed from the faculty and finally, Mrs. Yoset Altamirano and Mr. Ralph Zema, confirmed their support to be our new sponsors. 

With their help and the support from Mr.Bingiee Shiu, chairman of the Fine Arts department, we are finally on our way to what we hope will be the beginning of a great cultural and musical experience. We hope you stop by and check out what we are all about and embark with us on this journey, which we assure you, will be fill with fun and lots of good noise!


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