Thursday, March 21, 2013

March Employee of the Month - Paul Bryant

The Employee of the Month was announced publicly during this Special Presentation at the March 18, 2013, Board of Trustees Meeting.

We are honored to recognize as our Employee of the Month one of the district’s best for so many years, a dedicated and highly motivated staff member who always has a "Can Do!" attitude about any project or assignment.

Raised in Spring Branch, he is a graduate of Spring Branch High School who started working in the old School Print Shop more than 30 years ago. The Print Shop is long gone, but Mr. Byant is more important than ever. He’s provided superior customer service for three decades, and he is a model for Service First leadership today. He’s always willing to try something new, and he readily accepts the 1,001 projects and urgent requests, as well as "other duties as assigned" tasks, that may be added to his never-ending workload.

Mr. Bryant's personal attention to each and every request he receives from campuses and departments around the district, and his endless patience in the face of new editing or production decisions, new rewrites and short deadlines is never seemingly exhausted. He has a title, but does so many things – handouts, brochures, posters, business cards, photographs, audio recordings, Board Meeting production, camera work and now even video production – he deserves several titles.

In his spare time earlier in his career, he taught chess to students after school at Housman Elementary. As a volunteer, he has been a wonderful role model for our students, encouraging them to think and to use their math skills, and to have fun doing so.

It seems like wherever you go in SBISD, someone knows Mr. Bryant. When people talk about the true heart of Spring Branch ISD, and who Spring Branch is were it to be a living person, this great employee in the SBISD Community Relations/Communications Department would be a top candidate. For these reasons, and for so many more, please join us in honoring Paul Bryant as the district’s March Employee of the Month.



  1. Congratulations Paul! No one is more deserving. Your "can-do" attitude and integrity has always been a great asset to Spring Branch.

  2. Congratulations to Paul Bryant for this well deserved accolade. I had the pleasure of working with Paul in Multimedia Services from 1999 through 2004 and can personally attest to his dedication to his job and service to SBISD. He is a great person and co-worker. He was also a patient and giving mentor from whom I learned a great deal in the field of computer graphics while working in Multimedia. Paul Bryant is always cheerful and never shirks a task. Way to go Paul! Rindy Sumerlin


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