Friday, March 1, 2013

NBHS Student Give Back

Houston's KHOU Channel 11turned the spotlight on students at Northbrook High School recently for the good work they are doing as mentors in the local community as part of programming at SpringSpirit Baseball, a Houston-based non-profit organization working to create a unique community facility and programs that benefit Spring Branch youth.  Thank you to our students for their leadership in and commitment to the Spring Branch family, and special thanks to SpringSpirit for their support.

HOUSTON -- Each Wednesday after practice softball and baseball players from Northbrook High head to a local baseball / softball complex to work with younger kids. Northbrook athletes from all the school's different teams are part of this five day a week program.

The Northbrook athletes are finding that they are getting as much out of the sessions as the young kids. The school district has one of the highest student dropout rates of anywhere in the state, but a program like this helps keep kids focused on improving their lives one pitch at a time.


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  1. Spring Branch Isd is doing an awesome job by reaching out and making a diffence they are setting a great example and other school districts should do the same as well


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