Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Nuts and Bolts of Learning

When students from Westchester Academy of International Studies (WAIS) participated in this month's 4-H Robotics Competition Qualifier, they were doing much more than just building a better robot.  Students, educators, parents and community members turned out for the event to build robots - and life connections - that will have a lasting impact for many years to come.

The 4-H Robotics Competition Qualifier focused on challenging students to work collaboratively in teams to design and construct a robot.  By working together, students were given the opportunity to exercise their skills in; teamwork, leadership, cooperation, creative problem solving and relationship building. The competition was sponsored by the Texas A&M University Cooperative Extension Program as part of the 4-H Program

WAIS student participants were able to improve their score in four qualifying rounds during the competition.

The 4-H Program is designed to engage participants in programs and projects relevant to their interests. Project involvement may include: theatre and performing arts, youth entrepreneurship or robotics.

The experience offered by 4-H helps students transition from fun learning activities into the more structured 4-H clubs.

4-H focuses on leadership and vocational development in three content areas: science, healthy living, and citizenship.

Hands-on experiences like the robotics competition provide critical learning opportunities for students, and are fundamental in build community.  Through this model of "learning by doing" students gain life-long knowledge and skills while becoming engaged citizens. Thank you to Texas A&M University for sponsoring this event.  Congratulations to everyone who turned out and made the competition a success!



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