Thursday, April 25, 2013

Funky Beehives

Did you know that a “funky beehive” could bring laughter to two friends playing Jinga?

It does for Deborah Guttilla and her mentee, Jazmine from Northbrook Middle School! A funky beehive is a formation of the Jinga blocks just before it crashes to the table when one-too-many blocks is pulled from the stack. Playing Jinga is one of the activities that Mrs. Guttilla and Jazmine enjoy doing as they chat together each week during their mentoring meetings.

They like to keep their hands busy as they talk about music, friends, and the future. They also play cards and have made a soft, fleece blanket together in the past. Jazmine is an excellent seventh grade student, and Mrs. Guttilla is encouraging her to consider taking more Pre-AP classes and eventually AP classes to get a jump start on college credits.

As a former middle school Texas History teacher, Mrs. Guttilla is especially proud that Jazmine’s grade in that class is steadily rising! Jazmine is also interested in science and has a love for children. Her dream of going to college includes the goal of combining those interests into becoming a pediatrician. From personal experience, Mrs. Guttilla has great advice for her mentee about the need and ability to secure financial aid to obtain a college education. It is very do-able!!

Jazmine admires her mentor’s friendliness and kindness. Her family is very positive about her having a mentor. Mrs. Guttilla has met Jazmine’s parents at school events, and sees them as very positive influences in her life. She also has high praise for Jazmine’s talents on the volleyball court and playing trumpet in the band, having attended extracurricular events to watch her mentee perform!

She also admires Jazmine’s good listening abilities and as person who shares her thoughts with people she trusts. Jazmine mentioned having a mentor has helped her get along with people and make friends. Mrs. Guttilla wishes she had had a mentor as a child—an extra adult in her life to give her a smile, to talk with, to appreciate her, to follow her through the grades.

She encourages every adult to give mentoring a try as she feels there is a lot to gain from the experience. Where else would you learn about funky beehives??


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