Thursday, May 9, 2013

AYAM is "Opening Doors"!

AYAM is honored to be a part of a groundbreaking public art project called OPEN THE DOOR. This project was originated by the Texan-French Alliance for the Arts and the Paris art collective, 9eme Concept.

Around sixty unique doors were produced and are being installed in nineteen locations around the city of Houston, AYAM being one of those locations. One side of the door was painted by a French artist while the other was created by a Texas artist or art student. The locations are highlighted on a map that serves as a "Cultural Trail" which guides the public to all the OPEN THE DOOR structures and events. The trails point not only to the doors, but to the diverse cultural neighborhoods they are located in around Houston.

After submitting design ideas to a contest judged by Houston art professionals, student teams were chosen from local Houston educational and cultural institutions. Westchester Academy was among those selected to participate. Some of the others included were, The Art League of Houston, The Glassell School of Art, HSPVA, Rice University and The University of Houston just to name a few.

A lasting contribution to Houston's vibrant cultural diversity and international exposure, OPEN THE DOOR stems from the idea that every new experience we encounter, be it a new phase of life, learning about a new culture, or meeting new people, can be represented by the image of a door.

We can choose either to leave the door closed or open it and step across the threshold. OPEN THE DOOR's symbolism does not stop at the interaction of French and Texan cultures.

Although Houston is the first city to premiere this project, it will likely be presented in other major cities around the world. International exposure of OPEN THE DOOR reflects and brings to the world Houston's vibrant cultural scene, quality of life, and its wonderful diversity. Please stop by AYAM to see the creativity and thought provoking door then continue on the cultural trail to view the other doors displayed throughout Houston.

Click here to view door gallery >>

For more information about the Altharetta Yeargin Art Museum, click here.


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