Monday, June 3, 2013

Constitutional Academy

Northbrook High Advanced Placement U.S. History students Isaiah Rodriguez and Joshua Carmona have been chosen to attend the 2013 Constitutional Academy this summer in Washington, D.C.

The academy is sponsored by the Bill of Rights Institute, which works with young people to help deepen their understanding of the U.S. Constitution through special visits to the Capital, scholar lectures and discussions, activities and group projects.

The students, both of whom are juniors at Northbrook High, will attend a July 15-20 program in Arlington, Va. They were accepted into the summer program with full scholarships for all expenses related to the summertime program.

“Both Isaiah and Joshua are outstanding AP U.S. History students who are very interested in current events,” Northbrook High teacher Nancy Jackson said. “It would not surprise me at all to see either one of these students somehow involved in politics in the future. Who knows, maybe even President!”

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