Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Best Spellers

Can you spell that word? The new year ahead will send dozens of campus Spelling Bee winners forward to the annual District Spelling Bee.

At Bunker Hill Elementary, fifth-graders Naman Mehndiratta and Carson Foster  were named, respectively, winner and runner up on Dec. 17 during the Spelling Bee held in the school’s cafeteria. (See photograph)

Bunker Hill’s sixth annual spelling challenge followed several weeks of study and spelling bees held in classrooms across the campus. Three students who did well competing in a spelling bee held for first- and second-graders joined the winners from higher grades who competed in the cafeteria.

Thirty-seven classrooms at Bunker Hill Elementary took part in recent spelling contests there.

“Our students were issued word lists several weeks ago. I can tell you that these students really studied the word lists because in the school Spelling Bee we went through the study word list, and had to move into new lists to pick our winners,” Principal Valerie Hernandez said.

The SBISD Spelling Bee will be held in January 2014.


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