Wednesday, December 4, 2013

IB Career-related Certificate

Westchester Academy for International Studies announced recently that it is a candidate school for an International Baccalaureate qualification designed for students pursuing career/vocational classes during the junior and senior year.

The International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) recently introduced the qualification, which is known as the IB Career-related Certificate (IBCC). Students taking classes at SBISD’s Guthrie Center will be able to combine career studies with this respected, rigorous program of study.

Students pursuing the IBCC will also take two to four IB Diploma courses and fulfill four “Core” requirements. These Core requirements are Community & Service, Reflective Project, Language Development and an Approaches to Learning course. The Core elements are designed to allow students to explore various aspects of the particular career being studied:

  • The Reflective Project allows students to examine various perspectives of an ethical issue that is related to some aspect of the career class or course.
  • In Community & Service, students identify a community need related to the career class and work with a community and service-related organization.
  • Language Development helps students improve their skills in a chosen second language. In a global society, knowing a second or even third language and understanding the culture of that language gives students an advantage in employment.
  • Approaches to Learning is a class that looks at a variety of dimensions related to the career class, such as the variety of forms of communication, the workplace, and both ethical and critical thinking.

  • By pursuing the IBCC, students taking career and vocational classes will acquire both academic and vocational skills for post-secondary education in their chosen fields.

    For more information about this program, call Westchester Academy at 713-251-1800.


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