Thursday, April 3, 2014

Rodeo Art Auction Results

Memorial High School senior Seo Woo “Michelle” Jong tied a world record during the recent school art auction at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, while six other SBISD student works auctioned raised the total for all district works to $313,000.

The Grand Champion selected auction work by Seo Woo, 18, an acrylic painting titled “Reminiscence of Youth,” tied a record in the rodeo’s School Art Auction by selling for $210,000.

The painting was created from a photograph that the Memorial senior had taken during a personal visit to historical George Ranch.

It depicts a mother and a daughter working on a typical Texas farm or ranch. Woo’s painting was selected as the top Grand Champion from among 300,000 student submissions reviewed by Rodeo-affiliated judges.

Her painting sold to Rodeo Vice President and volunteer Joe Van Matre and his wife, Jennifer, of Victoria, and three other supporting buyers. The Van Matres hang student art winners in their Victoria ranch house, the Houston Chronicle newspaper reported.

As a Grand Champion auction winner, Woo is guaranteed a $20,000 scholarship and is now eligible for other scholarships. Her goal is to pursue a career in art, and to study at the Rhode Island School of Design, one of the nation’s leading art and design colleges.

The Reserve Grand Champion auction work by Katy ISD freshman Lucy Chan sold for $192,000 during the Rodeo School Art Auction held on March 16.

Rodeo School Art Auction results for other works accepted from SBISD art students:

Memorial High School
 · Erica Kim, sophomore, “Mother and Child,” colored pencil -- $35,000
 · Ashley Park, freshman, “Workmaship,” colored pencil -- $25,000
 · Julia Delaney, freshman, “Talking Leather,” colored pencil -- $20,000
 · Anna Cho, junior, “Spinning Time,” acrylic painting -- $7,000
 · Jennifer Kim, junior, “Companion,” colored pencil -- $6,000

 Memorial High’s Cathleen May and Marilyn Guerinot are sponsoring teachers.

 Stratford High School
 · Amy Cho, senior, “Wash Away,” colored pencil drawing -- $10,000

 Stratford High’s Jana Stiffel and Melanie Hyche are sponsoring teachers.

"Spring Time," Anna Cho
"Companion," Jennifer Kim
"Mother and Child," Erica Kim
"Workmanship," Ashley Park


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