Tuesday, April 1, 2014

SBISD T-2-4 Spotlight

District leaders have launched a new Special Presentation recognition for teachers that will be awarded on a regular basis during monthly SBISD Board of Trustees meetings. Click here to see student testimonials in our T-2-4 Teacher Spotlight video playlist.

Known as the SBISD T-2-4 Teacher Spotlight, this honor will shine a light on educators who embrace the district’s T-2-4 goal to double the number of students completing a technical certificate, military training, or a two-year or a four-year degree, and actively go above and beyond to demonstrate commitment and actions in support of the T-2-4 goal and belief statements.

This recognition’s first-ever honoree is Landrum Middle School art and photography instructor Andres Bautista. A 23-year district employee, this highly valued “educator leader” has earned many personal and professional awards, but his highly deserved recognitions describe only a small portion of what Andres has accomplished over the past two decades with Landrum students.

A veteran volunteer and mentor, Andres has worked with local groups ranging from the NewSpring art organization to Collegiate Challenge at Northbrook High School, and he has helped propel many Landrum Middle students into state colleges and universities.

During the March 24 Board of Trustees meeting, two Landrum Middle graduates now enrolled in state universities – Adrianna Guillen, a Texas A&M-Kingsville art student, and Gustavo PiƱa, a UH-Downtown junior majoring in education and art – spoke from their hearts about Mr. Bautista’s dedication and ability to help them and other Landrum students achieve much more than they ever thought possible.

Among other recent accomplishments, Mr. Bautista’s “circle” of friends and colleagues within the school’s Landrum Lions Scholarship Committee hosted a fall festival that raised about $7,000 for student scholarships.

A McAllen, Texas, native who is a 1990 Texas A&M-Kingsville graduate, he joined the Landrum Middle School faculty 23 years ago. His many awards included 2006 SBISD Teacher of the Year and Texas Landman Association Award; and the Council of PTAs School Bell Award in 2013. He was a Featured Artist in the Via Colori Street Painting Festival, where many of his students have displayed their works, too.

In addition to these and other distinctions, Andres was a soccer coach at Landrum for eight years, and he has been yearbook sponsor for the last two years.

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  1. Andres Bautista is also a great mentor for other art teachers. He shares his ideas & techniques freely with the other SBISD art teachers. Andres attends some of our school art shows to show his support. He keeps in touch with past students and encourages them in their college educations!


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