Thursday, May 29, 2014

Teen Sand Sculpture Competition

Nine student teams from Spring Branch ISD took part in the recent fourth annual Teen Sand Sculpture Competition at Stewart Beach in Galveston.

Nine student teams from two campuses, Northbrook Middle and Northbrook High schools, took home the top three prizes – the Golden Bucket for “The Largest Castle” and Silver Shovel for “Sinking Ship” to high school teams; and Bronze Spade award to middle school team for “Sand Castle.”

The sand-building contest was held May 21.

The yearly sand sculpture contest is the brainchild of SBISD art teacher Stephanie Walton, who now teaches at Wilchester Elementary, and Loren Gardner, a former Northbrook Middle School instructor.
Initial start-up funds for the springtime art activity came through the Spring Branch Education Foundation as a grant project. It paid for the tools, supplies, instructional video and transportation expenses for the first year. Fund-raising events are held to cover expenses now.

Each year, art teacher Walton creates new trophies. Judges include beachgoers like the one from Rhode Island who lauded the scene of students creating sculptures.

“It’s so nice to see students doing positive work together on a team and creating such amazing works of art!,” the visitor told Walton.

The creative playground of art, design and wet sand makes students learn to adapt and be creative. A mermaid, for example, became a sea lion. The nose on the top-rated meditating dog fell off, and student adapted and moved on.

Students mixed compacted sand and water in one area, then hauled it to the shore sculptures. The beach day required plenty of student sweat and muscles.

Art teacher Walton is hoping to include more middle and high school classes from across Houston next year.

“We’d like to continue to grow this event,” she said. “A temporary work of art is something amazing to see. I often wonder how long these sculptures actually last on the beach after we have gone!”
Thanks to social media, “I’m sure that our sculptures are being seen all over,” she adds.

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  1. Way to goooo Stephanie Walton & Loren Gardner....for getting this started!


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