Friday, November 7, 2014

"Hats On!" Halloween Parade

Administration Building employees strutted their stuff last week on October 31, while wearing hats representing something about themselves. In the Hats On! event, staff members wore hats that expressed each person's heritage or “journey.” Interpretations included ball caps from favorite teams, television show characters, mythical figures, cowboy hats, international hats, a construction hard hat, a pirate hat, a mountain-shaped hat, an improvised brown box hat, an angel halo, a birthday hat and many more.

A hat parade started on the second floor and wound its way down to the building lobby where everyone enjoyed refreshments. During the reception, participants were able to vote for three Peoples’ Choice awards. The winners are:
  • Most Creative Hat:  Ann Vickery
  • Best Heritage Hat:  Corina Ott
  • Best “Journey” Hat:  Alison Tennyson
The Hats On! event was designed to help building employees get to know more about each other, learn each other’s names and enjoy some collegial fun. The occasion will also be submitted as one of the building’s 2014-2015 No Place for Hate activities and one of the Community Relations 2014-2015 Share A Smile customer service activities.


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