Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Science Project Explores Ebola Outbreak

Juniors and seniors enrolled in International Baccalaureate (IB) program science at Westchester Academy for International Studies held a special presentation event at the school recently to share their work and ideas on a world crisis topic, the Global Effects of the Ebola Outbreak.

The special public presentation event, called a Group 4 Project, involved groups of students in biology, chemistry and physics working as teams as they brainstormed, and created comprehensive plans focused on team research, exploration and design related to the Ebola study topic.

Group 4 Projects are designed as interdisciplinary investigations undertaken by all current junior and senior students enrolled in an IB science class. The project aims to provide students with a real-life experience in group problem solving, identified as a key need in many fields for future workers of all types.

Westchester Academy conducts the Group 4 Project every two years. Presentation Day events like the one held recently involve faculty, student teams and observers walking around IB class spaces to listen to and question presentations as delivered by the student groups.

The special presentations are described as a celebration of creativity, collaboration and ingenuity.

In separate but related Westchester Academy news, the district charter middle and high school campus sponsored an IB Diploma Breakfast and Ceremony for WAIS students and IB Diploma Graduates on Thursday, Dec. 18.


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