Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Rain or Shine, You Gotta Love to Read!

What do meteorology, the writing process and T-2-4 have to do with one another? Ask fourth graders at Spring Shadow’s Elementary School in Spring Branch ISD and you may get the same answer… KPRC-TV 2 Meteorologist Anthony Yanez. Recently, Mr. Yanez took time out of his professional schedule to visit students at Spring Shadows Elementary School as part of a learning and mentoring activity organized by campus Librarian Melanie Scales.

“One of our teachers brought it to my attention that Mr. Yanez had written a children’s book about the water cycle and was visiting schools to talk about it.  So I jumped on it!  I got in touch with him…I wanted him to talk to kids about reading, writing and science. All are areas that are crucial for elementary school students and he was able to combine all areas into one presentation!

We (educators) talk about reading with our kids all the time. For them to hear from someone outside of school that books are cool and reading is fabulous is very powerful. When that person is on TV and ‘famous’ it’s even better,” said Librarian Scales.

During his presentation to students in the campus library, Mr. Yanez shared the children’s book he’s authored on the water cycle and, more importantly, insights on how success in his professional career and as a newly published author have been a journey of determination, flexibility and encouragement.

“Mr. Yanez talked a lot about planning and sticking to your plan, your goals and being flexible. For our kids it really illustrated what we mean  when we talk about Spring Branch T-2-4. He talked about his path from college, to on-camera news and the hard work involved in becoming a certified meteorologist and, now, children’s book author. It was nice for our kids to hear about being flexible and looking at all the opportunities life offers for advancement.

I know it was just another school visit for him, but it means a lot to our students to have someone from the community spend time with them. This kind of experience expands their horizons and has the potential to open new doors or new possibilities. I really appreciate that Mr. Yanez included Spring Shadows on his list of schools to visit.”

When asked what Librarian Scales would say as a ‘thank you’ to Mr. Yanez her enthusiasm and appreciation were apparent.

“His visit was well received and the kids are still talking about it! I am so happy that he was able to visit and share his book and his journey with us. I know it was an inspiration to our kids that will have a lasting and positive impact on them. Thank you Mr. Yanez!”


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