Friday, January 9, 2015

Restorative Justice Coalition Founder earns $1,000 Grant

A nonprofit organization that issues $1,000 a day, every day, to change-makers and activists has awarded a grant to Anita Wadhwa, founder of The Restorative Justice Collaborative of Houston. Anita Wadhwa also teaches at the Academy of Choice in Spring Branch ISD.

The $1,000 award was issued by The Pollination Project, founded by Dallas-based businessman and philanthropist Ari Nessel. The nonprofit group has issued hundreds of thousands of dollars to worthy projects and individuals since its founding in 2013.  

The Restorative Justice Collaborative of Houston is a diverse coalition of educators, students, researchers, academics, parents, clinicians, lawyers and advocates who are committed to breaking the school to prison pipeline through creative, community driven models of justice.

The collaborative will sponsor its second annual conference on April 25, 2015, at the University of Houston’s College of Education. Its goal is to spread restorative justice practices in Houston.

“We are grateful to the Pollination Project for helping to promote the advancement of alternatives to punitive disciplinary practices in schools, as well as practices in the juvenile justice system that disproportionately impact young people of color,” said Wadhwa. “This grant will allow us to convene multiple stakeholders at our conference.”

The Pollination Project funds projects that benefit people, planet, animals in areas like environmental sustainability, social justice, community health and wellness, arts and media.

For more about “Seeding Restorative Justice in Houston Schools,” please visit:

About The Pollination Project

The Pollination Project awards $1000 in seed money to individual changemakers and activists who are working to make the world – or just their own community – a better, more peaceful, just and more sustainable place. The Pollination Project is a platform for investing directly in committed people who just need a little money to launch their social change vision.

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Peace Circle
On Jan. 21, students in the Restorative Justice Program at AOC will facilitate small group talking circles at the “Peace Circle for Restoring Police-Community Relationships in Spring Branch”.  Read more >>

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