Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Cedar Brook Elementary Promotes Wellness

Cedar Brook Elementary School marks the end of the current school year with a long list of activities and actions promoting campus wellness among its campus staff and faculty.

Highlights of health promoting activities and awards at Cedar Brook include:
  • In October 2014, faculty and families were involved in the Great Pumpkin Fun Run.
  • Last December, Shape Up Houston named the campus as the leader in the SBISD Employee Wellness Challenge. The school was also highlighted on Shape Up Houston’s Facebook page.
  • Recipes for Success, a 10-year-old health-based initiative to promote good habits and healthy eating, featured campus staff and parent volunteers on its group website.
  • The Recipe for Success partnership widened when the school took part in the citywide Veg Out Challenge for 30 Days, which resulted in the school finishing second in Houston for the most participants; the school was also named Veg Out Super Veg Promoter Champions. Several family members and faculty won prizes through this contest.
  • In April, Health Fitness Coach Courtney Roberts arranged for students at Cedar Brook to be part of Houston’s Run for the Rose 5K.
  • Cedar Brook supports the Spring Branch Education Foundation (SBEF) by promoting and participating in the Running for the Arts 5K annually.


  1. I was a long term sub at CBE the last months of the year and I was pleased to see how motivated the students are by all the staff and the programs implemented to keep them fit and healthy. I especially enjoyed watching my sutents have the opportunity of sampling new veggies during their lunch hour during the Veg Out Challenge. It was also really cool to see the afterschool exercise opportunities the staff was offered. CBE is a great example for other campuses reminding us all that we must lead by our example.

  2. Let me begin by saying, "Congrats" for your amazing victory with "Recipe For Success!" I thing the program is awesome and think that it should be at all schools. How do I get "Recipe For Success" to come to Housman Elementary in SBISD?


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