Wednesday, February 10, 2016

All-State Honors

Seven accomplished Spring Branch ISD high school students have earned top state honors in their particular area of musical study. These student musicians have been named Texas All-State award winners in band, choir and orchestra at three high schools.

In Texas, approximately 1,500 students are named as All-State winners every year after a lengthy review process that begins with more than 55,000 students. Student musicians and singers begin the process by performing individual music selections before a panel of judges.

From an initial ranking, a select group of musicians and singers advances up from region to separate competitions that may qualify them to perform with an All-State Music group organized by the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA).

SBISD’s qualifying students and their families will be honored in February during the regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees. These students are invited to perform during the TMEA’s annual convention, too.

Two band students qualified for All-State this year:
  • Christian Uriostegui, contra bass, 11th grade, Spring Woods High
  • Zachary Barnett, alto clarinet, 11th grade, Stratford High
Two choir students qualified for All-State:
  • Benjamin Snow, bass 2, 12th grade, Memorial High
  • Allison Eggert, alto 2, 12th grade, Memorial High
Three orchestra students qualified for All-State:
  • Catherine Cai, violin, 12th grade, Memorial High
  • Jonathan Keith, bass, 12th grade, Memorial High
  • Meredith Aucock, 12th grade, Memorial High
Catherine Cai is a four-year All-State winner. She played the viola during her freshman and junior years in the All-State Orchestra and earned a top ranking position in the highly competitive violin division as a sophomore and a senior.

Spring Woods High Band is led by Monty Morris Brame. Assistant directors there are Jonathan Cabot and Brandon McNeal. Stratford High Band is led by Richard Graham.

Memorial High Choir is led by Director Lawrence Johnson. Assistant director is Kerri Watson-Elrod.

Memorial High Orchestra is led by Director Bingiee Shiu and group Co-Director Danielle Prontka. 


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