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February is CTE Month - Spotlight on SBISD's The Guthrie Center

Did you know that high school students who take two or more Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses are more focused, perform better in school, and graduate at higher rates?

As a matter of fact, CTE prepares students to be college- and career-ready by providing a variety of courses that focus on core academic skills, employable skills and hands-on technical job training. At The Guthrie Center, a high-tech Career and Technical Education school in Spring Branch ISD, CTE students do just that. They gain experience in a multitude of hands-on courses that provide skills and training in a number of demanding and high-tech career fields. Students get to experience what it would be like to work in a specific career while they are in high school.

February is Career and Technical Education (CTE) month. It’s a time for educators, partners and community leaders to recognize the efforts and accomplishments of the many students who are pursuing their ambitions through CTE pathways. In celebrating CTE month, we celebrate the many partners—students, parents, business, community leaders, and educators, and many more—who are helping to transform CTE and achieve our shared vision of Spring Branch T-2-4 for all every child.

Did you know the “T” in “Spring Branch T-2-4” stands for Technical Certification? CTE programs provide critical instruction that is hands-on and engaging, as well as rigorous and relevant. CTE Programming is helping to connect students to high-demand trades and science, technology, engineering and math fields – where so many good jobs are waiting. We thank those who work tirelessly helping students find their life’s passion and reach their highest potential. CTE programs are a vital strategy for helping our diverse students complete their secondary and postsecondary goals. Please join us as we take a moment and learn more about some of our student CTE success stories:

Meet Catherine Harrison, a 3rd year Architecture student from Memorial High School. 

Catherine knew at a young age that she wanted to become an architect but didn’t really know what that career field entailed. 

“I was always drawing and designing things growing up and my parents always told me that I would probably become an architect some day but I didn’t even know what that was!”

Now after 3 years at Guthrie, Catherine is certified in both Revit and AutoCAD. These industry-standard computer programs allow her to create real-world architectural projects including floor plans, elevations, site plans, residential houses, office buildings, 3D views and more. “We work on a multitude of projects and we get a lot of hands-on experience in my class.”

Catherine built a portfolio that got her accepted to all of the colleges she applied to and plans to attend The University of Houston School of Architecture next fall. CTE students not only earn industry certifications that set them apart from their counterparts, they build portfolios, gain experience and get to experience first-hand what working in the industry is like.

Meet Sergio Vazquez-Mora a senior from Stratford High School. 

Sergio is in his second year of Digital Filmmaking and although he is interested in a career in music, he is using his Guthrie experience to earn industry-recognized certifications in both Video Production and Commercial Photography. 

“I feel like this school has opened doors to new opportunities because it’s not just about being challenged or creative, it’s about doing something real and meaningful. I’m building my portfolio in my career field and I’m getting to see what this industry is all about.”

Vazquez-Mora just received word that his original musical composition won first place at the district level and is moving on to the state level in the national Reflections competition.

“I really think that my experience here has not only given me an opportunity to get recognition but I’m also able to develop my skills and create a versatile body of work to show schools and people in the industry.”

This Spring, Vazquez-Mora plans to earn a certification in both Final Cut Pro (advanced video editing) and another in Adobe Photoshop (image editing and photo manipulation) and will take his portfolio to the Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music to study for a career in the Entertainment Industry.

CTE students not only build portfolios, and gain valuable experience and skills in the classroom but many even get to work in real-world scenarios during their regular school day.

Meet Adam Ploman, an honor student from Stratford High School.

Adam has been at Guthrie for 4 years and after taking Computer Maintenance, Cisco Networking I, Cisco Networking 2, and Computer Technician, Adam earned his certifications in CT Work Keys, A+ Certification, and an EPA 608 Technician Certification. 

As a Certified Technician, Adam is qualified to trouble-shoot, repair and install software and hardware on PCs. Adam often gets to work at the district Help Desk alongside SBISD technicians doing repairs and installing operating systems for the entire school district.

“My Guthrie experience is exactly what I needed in order to achieve my goals in this industry. Certifications are important, but I also need hands-on experience.”

Upon graduation, Adam plans to attend Houston Community College to earn even more industry certifications and will eventually work for a company that has a large technology infrastructure. “I love fixing computers and coming to Guthrie is the best part of my day! I would never get to do this in a traditional high school setting.”

With more than 75 percent of secondary CTE students pursuing postsecondary education shortly after high school, a CTE experience and test-drive in a career choice before committing to an expensive 4-year post secondary plan is a level of preparation that is invaluable. 

All Texas public school districts offer Career and Technical Education classes.

Spring Branch ISD has many excellent CTE classes at the middle and high school level, but at The Guthrie Center students can complete a pathway to earn their graduation endorsement in all our our programs.

The Guthrie Center experience is available to all high-school students in Spring Branch ISD wishing to take an elective that promises the challenge of problem-solving, hard work and results. Current course offerings include 3D Animation, Agricultural Sciences, Architectural Design, Commercial Photography, Computer Tech, Cosmetology, Criminal Justice, Culinary Arts, Filmmaking, Graphic Design, Hotel Management, Internships, Navy JROTC and Pharmacy Tech.

High school students are bussed daily to and from their home campus as an extension to their regular curricular schedule. Classes are double-blocked for 90 minutes.

If you are interested in looking into Career and Technology at The Guthrie Center, contact 713-251-1300.

Video in the Spotlight:

A Student Perspective/Student Produced Video - Watch it now!
The Guthrie Center Experience - Watch it now!


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