Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Fitness Challenge Winners

Four members of a fifth-grade team based at Cedar Brook Elementary were named district winners of the eight-weeklong Health Fitness Challenge. Fourteen staff and employee teams in SBISD competed.

The Cedar Brook team, which took the name “E.G. Angels” in honor of a member, Eduardo Gallegos, included Alice “Honey” Bennett, Marianela Amaya and Rosa Martinez, as well as Gallegos.

For their victory photo, the four-member team posed as the TV “Charlie’s (E.G.) Angels” in their newly won Fitness Challenge T-shirts. 

The eight-week challenge consisted of three component parts – physical activity, weight loss, and a Wellness Assessment.

As a team, the E.G. Angels lost 15 pounds, and the team members noted that their activities helped provide relief from daily stress. Team member Bennett added the free health tool for tracking calories burned was “a huge benefit and motivation to do more.”

SBISD Health Fitness Site Facilitator Samuel Karns said the team’s ability to chart and observe progress kept the E.G. Angels on track for the “Get Strong” fitness challenge.

“They earned bragging rights for the rest of the year and a one-month pass to Boot Camp that our district offers at a low cost so that more employees can take care of themselves,” Karns said.


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