Monday, August 8, 2016

Spring Branch ISD’s New Strategic Plan Inspires Reorganization

Spring Branch ISD recently implemented a new, five-year Strategic Plan, which includes the reorganization of central office administrators and staff to better align leadership to the goals established under this new district plan, also known as The Learner’s Journey.

Actions will be prioritized and phased in under the plan. SBISD’s well-known goal of T-2-4, which supports military training, technical certification, or a two- or four-year degree for all graduates, remains the top goal, and district beliefs and core values undergird the plan.

Personalizing the learning experience is the plan’s single overarching theme, with instruction optimized for the needs of every child, and based on a student’s unique learning needs.  

In conjunction with this plan, Tyler Ream, who has served two years in SBISD, has been named Associate Superintendent for Academic Performance and Support. He assumes responsibility in his new role for all district schools and academic-related areas including curriculum, instruction, student support services and school administration.

With five years of high-level experience in SBISD, Elliott Witney has been appointed Associate Superintendent of Research and Design. In his new role, he leads a team responsible for driving innovation at the classroom, campus and district level. He will focus on improving data analysis and research and evaluation options, and support the district’s portfolio of school choice options including the notable SKY Partnership between SBISD, and KIPP and YES Prep Public Schools.

The strategic plan identifies a crucial need for district level support to be strategically aligned to better support schools and leaders to meet the needs of students. Three proven leaders with wide educational experiences will lead these efforts as community superintendents. They are Jennifer Parker, Kristin Craft and D’Andre Weaver.

Jennifer Parker, who was Spring Woods High School principal for three years, has taught across SBISD for many of her 26 years in education. Kristin Craft comes to SBISD from a similar post in Houston ISD where she supervised principals at five urban high schools. D’Andre Weaver, a Chicago native, led the public Gwendolyn Brooks College Preparatory Academy there, a school noted for its dramatic improvement in student performance and focus on redesign to personalize student learning experiences.

In SBISD, each community superintendent will lead a select group of elementary and secondary schools this year as the district focuses on developing new Professional Learning Communities, and strengthens collaboration among all school leaders. Community superintendents will serve, too, as a kind of one-stop shop for principals seeking out ideas, advice or credible answers on a topics ranging from instruction and curriculum to streamlining services.

Central office reorganization in SBISD is cost neutral and may, in fact, result in savings due to district budgeting that occurred earlier this year.

Several principal changes and appointments are planned. Jennifer Collier, who led Westchester Academy for International Studies for several years, will return to Spring Woods High School. New appointments are expected soon at several campuses. Research affirms the importance of strong principals. Excellent campus leaders are vital to high performing schools and students.


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