Friday, September 16, 2016

Don’t Miss The Miss Firecracker Contest at Memorial High

Memorial High School is presenting Beth Henley’s comedy, The Miss Firecracker Contest for two more nights, Sept. 16-17 at 7 p.m. This critically acclaimed play takes place in a small Mississippi town. It tracks a young wannabe beauty queen named Carnelle with a goal is to win the local Miss Firecracker Contest.

Struggling with her tarnished reputation, Carnelle, along with an assortment of quirky friends and family, battles others’ judgments in order to make herself a somebody in her home community.

Cast and crew (above) photographed recently include the following students:

Standing left to right are Katherine Maykopet, Ashley Adams, Cooper Hawkins, Lily Serrata (Stage Manager), Elaine Goulden (Tessy Mahoney), Alyssa Heckler, Alex Willoughby (MacSam), Emily Deans, Meredith Rauch (Carnelle Scott), Valarie McFatter, Michael Clulow, Claire Peachee, Fischer Nordin, Beck Laake (ASM/Understudy), Ramez Shakhashiro and Jacob Wheelock

Kneeling left to right are Jade Nguyen, Hattie Krawiecki, Joy Chung, Kylie Baker, Kate Burcham, Regan Hicks (Elain), Sydney Milanesi (Popeye Jackson), Nicholas Nahm and Chloe Williamson. Students listed are all on tech crew. Not pictured is Brian Carles (Delmont)


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