Friday, December 16, 2016

What kind of LEARNER are you?

Great Outcomes for Kids

Join us as we go inside a VANGUARD classroom with SBISD Educator Angela McNeil. Angela is a fourth-grade teacher at Westwood Elementary. She is a year first-year cohort member of The SBISD Vanguard Team. In SBISD we know that great outcomes for kids start with great teaching.

By combining powerful professional development focused on modeling effective digital instruction with coaching that leverages peer-to-peer mentoring and enhanced use of technology, SBISD’s Vanguard Team is building capacity and making a positive impact on teacher practice and student achievement.

Vanguard allows teachers to grow, assume new responsibilities and explore the development of personalized learning experiences as part of instructional design, all while receiving recognition for their efforts.

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Are you interested in being a Vanguard Cohort Member?  

Are you: 

• passionate about developing strategies to meet the needs of #every child,
• inspired by #limitlesscuriosity - a leader of your own learning, •
a willing mentor for peers who possess #collaborativespirit, and
• driving innovation to #collectivegreatness?

 Apply today to be a Vanguard Fellow! 

SBISD Educators interested in becoming member of the Vanguard Cohort for year two can apply online. Applications are due by January 6, 2017.

Click here to read more about the SBISD Vanguard Program.


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