Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Celebrating National School Counseling Week

Who helps students organize their class schedules? Who supports students through difficult situations, connecting them with resources and services? Who helps students recognize their potential and their passion – and helps them achieve those goals?

Let’s hear it for counselors, especially this week – National School Counseling Week, Feb. 6-10. Sponsored by the American School Counselors Association, this nationally celebrated week highlights the tremendous impact school counselors have in helping students achieve school, career and life success.

This year's theme – "School Counseling: Helping Students Realize Their Potential" – reminds us of the importance of highlighting the tremendous impact school counselors have in helping students achieve school, career and life success.

What makes counselors so special? 
For many, counselors embody what it means to be best in challenging times. They are the ultimate cheerleaders. They are persistent. They provide compassion, love, advice, guidance, resources and help to name just a few of the many gifts shared by this inspiring group of individuals. They provide critical resources, counseling, and support for all students, ensuring that each has the support needed to achieve success beyond high school graduation.

Counselors encourage chasing dreams, choosing careers, and that giving in and giving up are not options. We applaud these individuals for their dedication and for all they do for students, families and community.

How can you thank a counselor? 
Why not take up the cause and honor counselors by embracing what they stand for and support? What can you do to help a student realize his or her full potential?

No matter who you are, you can make a positive impact in the life of a student.

Be an advocate. Donate a book to your library. Volunteer your time, talent or treasure as an SBISD Good Neighbor.

Be an advisor. Parents, talk to your student about what he or she wants to study as a career. Read together. Go to a parent-teacher meeting on campus.

Be a friend. Students, ask your peers if they need help with homework or advice about financial aid for college or what to expect when taking the SAT.

No matter what you do to celebrate counselors, we hope you will join us in recognizing the powerful and important contribution they  make every day, for every child, in Spring Branch.

Share your photos and posts on social media with SBISD all month as your celebrate your school counselor using #SBProud #SBISDcounselors.

Thank you school counselors!


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