Thursday, September 14, 2017

Harvey Delivers Lemons, Frostwood Students Sell Lemonade

It’s hard, if not impossible, to catalog or report the hundreds of personal responses that occurred in Harvey’s wake. The responses were deeply genuine, and they often had incredible results – often at an individual or even the local street level.

In one Frostwood Elementary-area neighborhood, for example, Audrey Brown and a few other campus moms helped support a lemonade stand staffed by students.

The key goal was to raise funds for our teachers and staff impacted by flooding. Result? That little Frostwood student lemonade stand raised $1,822.35! Proceeds were to be split among teachers or staff impacted.

Lemonade stand drink makers, hawkers, pourers and cashiers included students Jack and Johnny Brown, Roman and Lauren Chang, Tia Cristini, Alec and Kai Feldhaus, Stefano and Franco Ferrier, Lily Johnson, Ava and Emmie Muras, and George Standige.

Frostwood Principal Pamela Pennington had a one word response to the effort: “Unbelievable!”

We think that there were dozens and dozens of “unbelievables” across the district in the past few weeks. Tell us about yours!


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