Wednesday, September 6, 2017

SBISD Schools to Reopen Monday, Sept. 11

All SBISD schools will reopen on Monday, September 11, for students and staff. Our community has suffered much loss and destruction, and we trust and hope that the return to school will be a forward step in our community’s recovery.
As we make this announcement, please know and understand the following important critical points of information.
·    Some families who have incurred loss of home or property as a result of Harvey may not be ready for their children to return to school, and we understand that.  We will work with each family to meet your individual needs and to make sure your children are supported whenever they are able to return to class.
·    Some of our staff members have incurred loss of home, property or vehicles and may not be ready or able to return to school on Monday, and we understand and will work with them too. Please help your child understand that his/her teacher may be absent on Monday, or for a period of time until they are able to return to school. We are working to assure classes are covered with substitutes and/or a shared arrangement with other grade level or subject area teachers.
·    Traffic is very challenging right now, and families, teachers, staff members, and even SBISD Transportation, may be impacted. We will not be counting school arrival tardies next week or for as long as it is necessary until the roadways are back to a more normal traffic pattern. We know it will be difficult for some to get to school on time. Please also let your child know his/her teacher may be late to school. We will make sure there are plans for classes to be covered and for children to be cared for.
·    High school students should be very careful driving, and should not speed or rush to be at school on time – Safety is our top priority.
·    Please do not worry if your child does not have a backpack, books, supplies, or uniforms. We just want to see your children. We have extra school supplies, and many donations forthcoming.
·    We will relax school uniform and dress code requirements for the foreseeable future. 
·    Don’t worry about lunch. Our school cafeterias will serve free lunch for ALL SBISD students and breakfast for ALL students on campuses where breakfast is served. Free meals will continue throughout the month of September.
·    Transportation will notify school principals of any necessary bus route changes due to high water or other issues. School principals will communicate any route changes directly to their school communities. We will post updated route information on our website as available.
·    Displaced families who have notified us of your new address will be contacted directly by our Transportation team for notification of bus route information. Displaced families who have not yet notified us of your status should contact, Lawanda Coffee, Director for External Funding and Compliance, at and, if possible, please complete the SBISD Student Residency Questionnaire . If you are unable to complete the form at this time, please see your school Registrar when school reopens. More specific information for displaced families is available here.
·    Please continue to monitor the district website, social media and emails/call outs as additional information may be communicated.  
These have been unprecedented times, and will remain so for weeks and months to come. We are doing our very best to be prepared to receive your children on Monday. We know they have all been impacted in many different ways. Our counselors, social workers and others have plans in place to support children, families and staff once we reopen our schools.  
Thank you for your incredible outpouring of support and understanding as our district has worked through these past two weeks. Thank you in advance for your continued support and understanding as we go forward. We know there will be things that arise we have not anticipated. As always, our #CollaborativeSpirit and #CollectiveGreatness will ensure we do the very best we can to support your child and Every Child in SBISD.
Thank you,
Scott R. Muri, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools


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