Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Important Safety Message from Dr. Scott R. Muri

Dear SBISD Parents and Community Members,

I write to you today with a plea - a plea to keep our children's safety in mind as you drive in our school zones or travel the routes our walkers and bike riders take as they travel to and from our schools each day. 

Since returning back to school on September 11, three SBISD students have been hit by a car either on the way to or from school, and one of our crossing guards was hit by a car this week. While thankfully none sustained life-threatening injuries, this is an unprecedented number of incidents.

Please be mindful of cell phone use and the posted 20 miles per hour speed limit in our school zones. Please also be alert while driving in our neighborhoods and on the lookout for children walking or biking to school.

Thank you for your vigilance in helping us keep our children and staff safe.

Scott R. Muri, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools


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