Thursday, November 29, 2012

Memorial Student Shows off Artistic Ability

Judy Oh, a senior at Memorial High School, created the Village Fire Department’s first ever shield which was hung at the department’s 901 Corbindale Road station.

A three-year art student at Memorial High, Judy was approached by her Advanced Placement (AP) art teacher, Cathleen May, to create a shield for the fire department’s wall as an independent project.

“When my art teacher told me about the idea, I immediately was interested. The project sounded like a good way for me to demonstrate my skills for the public,” Judy said.

Judy began the piece by penciling the design straight onto the surface, then coming back and painting with acrylic paint. The shield took over three weeks to complete. Judy worked on it in art class every day and received a major grade after finishing.

“All of the time I put into painting the piece was definitely worth it. I have been doing art for a long time and plan to pursue it in college. It was nice to share my passion for art with the community,” Judy said.

Report compiled and written by Communications Dept. Intern Kali Venable


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