Monday, January 14, 2013

Texas Public Schools and the 83rd Legislature

Superintendent's Message

Listen to this month's message as work begins in Austin.  This message is part of a months video series offered to the SBISD community to keep them informed on topics of interest in the school district.  Load video now >>

News from Austin

Below is a listing of publications provided by the Texas School Public Relations Association covering the 83rd Legislative Session.  For additional information, visit the TSPRA website.

EduLege Tracker 1-14-1314 January 2013
EduLege Tracker 1-8-1308 January 2013
A Second EduLege for 1-7-1308 January 2013
EduLege Tracker 1-7-1307 January 2013
EduLege Tracker 12-6-1207 December 2012
EduLege Update 11-29-1229 November 2012
EduLege Update 11-14-1214 November 2012


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