Friday, April 4, 2014

A Circle of Friends

Ken and Ruth Ann Dusek have been mentoring two students in SBISD for four years, and have followed Nico and Jennifer from Ridgecrest Elementary to Landrum Middle School. Mr. and Mrs. Dusek got started mentoring with a group from their church, Christ Evangelical Presbyterian.

When this quartet of mentors and mentees meets for lunch at one of the round tables in the Landrum atrium, they all enjoy lively conversation and games. Over the years, this group of friends has grown close, and very comfortable with each other. Mr. and Mrs. Dusek repeatedly commented how much they enjoy being with their nice mentees. Mrs. Dusek said, “It’s good to have friends who are younger than you. It keeps us young.”

The frequent laughter around the table attested to the enjoyment each individual has during their time together. They all have a common love of animals, especially their dogs. Several hilarious and sad dog stories went around the table, including one about Mrs. Dusek’s dog eating several household items and then needing surgery.

The students wanted to know how a dog could eat a key chain!! When asked about what she likes about having a mentor, Jennifer, an eighth grader, said, “It’s fun, and good to have someone to talk to about school, what I did on the weekend, and even hard times.” Nico, also an eighth grader, agreed, and says he enjoys the conversations and playing games with the group.

 When he goes to high school next year, Nico will be taking a 3D Modeling class to further develop his spatial reasoning gifts, and his interest in Architecture. His mentor, Mr. Dusek, proudly pointed out Nico has very quick abilities to figure out 3D puzzles in the fast game of “Make n’ Break,” which is one they enjoy playing during lunch. Nico said, currently, Science is his favorite subject in school. Jennifer has selected Professional Speaking as her elective for 9th grade.

This news was cheered on by her mentor Mrs. Dusek, who is sure Jennifer will “be very good at that!” Jennifer also enjoys playing several sports and cooking. Although homework is not Jennifer’s favorite thing to do (surprise!), her Language Arts class is the one she enjoys the most.

Spring Break plans were discussed during lunch, but they were all eager to get together again to continue to build the bonds of friendship that will soon stretch from Elementary to High School…and beyond.

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