Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Show of Support

Wilchester Elementary students and staff are feeling especially proud after receiving a few very special photos from servicemen stationed in Afghanistan recently. Why? A campus flag from their school made the long journey to Afghanistan to be flown at the Kandahar Airfield during Operation Enduring Freedow XV.

When Wilchester students and staff sent the flag to servicemen stationed there, the gesture was an expression of gratitude and thanks for the troops. Now, the students and campus staff feel especially honored to see the flag displayed on base. "We are eternally grateful for the service of our men and women in uniform and the Wilchester community is honored to recognize their commitment to our country," said campus principal Rian Evans.  The base's Captain, Samuel D. Campbell (LG Commanding), is a family member of three Wilchester students.

With Armed Forces Day approaching, the Wilchester community is proud to know the men and women stationed at Kandahar know how much friends and family back home appreciate their service. Armed Services Day is Saturday, May 17.

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  1. Very honor to be part of this community.


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