Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Four Cedar Brook Teachers Win Employee Fitness Challenge

Four elementary teachers at Cedar Brook Elementary School who held each other accountable for activity “points” ranging from running half marathons to working out in Zumba classes were named the big winners in the annual SBISD Employee Challenge.

 Surprised in their classrooms with the big announcement on April 25 were the so-called Cedar Brook Divas: Patricia Baxter, kindergarten; Elleashia Ferguson and Perlita Robles, prekindergarten; and Claudia Perez, who teaches first grade.

Community Relations Officer Linda Buchman surprised most of the teachers with winning T-shirts and certificates during a surprise Friday afternoon visit. SBISD’s Intramural Coordinator and Health Fitness Specialist Samuel Karnes honored and recognized the winning employees for their active lifestyles.

The district’s Employee Challenge was conducted from Jan. 20 through March 14. SBISD staff and faculty were encouraged to create teams to help hold one another accountable and motivate each other to do their best.

Teams competed in three categories to earn points. They included Healthy Service Activities, Daily Exercise and Activities, and Personal Analysis.

“The Employee Challenge was created so that our employees could take care of themselves while helping each other to get through their eight weeks of healthy lifestyle changes with the hope of following a healthy lifestyle for life,” reports Health Fitness’ Karnes.

Several of the Cedar Brook Divas ran a half marathon as a result of the Challenge. They encouraged and motivated each other to gather daily points through activity options that ranged from walking to Zumba instruction.

“I’ve lost weight,” a proud Perlita Robles said. “I have more energy today. It can happen for you if you really want it, and if you have friends who will help you to stay committed to your goals.”

“The accountability in the program was motivating. I was accountable to this team every day to help get our points,” Elleashia said. “It pushes you to achieve!”


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