Monday, August 17, 2015

New Principals Are Named for Spring Branch ISD Campuses

Left to right: Stephen Speyrer, Landrum Middle School; Rachel Martinez, Spring
Shadows Elementary School; Kedrick Lookadoo, principal/director for Disciplinary
Alternative Education Program; Sarah Guerrero, Northbrook Middle School; Chris
Winstead, Pine Shadows Elementary School; Karen Liska, Hollibrook Elementary
School; Scott Muri, Ed.D., SBISD Superintendent; Deborah Silber, Spring Woods
Middle School; Jill Wright, Academy of Choice/Cornerstone Academy; Morella
Tapia, Wildcat Way School for Early Learning; and Robert “Danny” Gex,
Stratford High School. Not pictured here: Aaron Dominguez, Treasure Forest
Elementary School.
Some Spring Branch ISD students may return to classes on Aug. 24 and find a new school leader in charge due to retirements, changes in district role, or other administrative-level changes.

Eleven SBISD campuses – one prekindergarten, four elementary schools, three middle schools, one traditional and one alternative high school, and the district disciplinary alternative education program – will welcome new directing principals or directors beginning this month.

In addition, several SBISD campuses will welcome new assistant principals, and the district will transition several administrators to new roles.

New principal/director assignments by location:
  • Wildcat Way School for Early Learning, 12754 Kimberley. Morella Tapia has been named as director at this prekindergarten. She’s served 14 years in SBISD as an elementary teacher, intervention specialist and assistant principal.
  • Hollibrook Elementary, 3602 Hollister. Karen Liska has been named to lead this school. Principal Liska has 37 years in education, and has been principal at Thornwood Elementary and Spring Woods Middle School.
  • Pine Shadows Elementary, 9900 Neuens Road. Chris Winstead, who has 45 years of teaching and administrative experience in public and private school systems, is the new principal. She has also taught at regional universities.
  • Spring Shadows Elementary, 9725 Kempwood. Rachel Martinez was named principal at this school after serving there last year as co-leader and principal in residence. She has 14 years in public education, including nine years as a teacher and district staff developer in SBISD.
  • Treasure Forest Elementary, 7635 Amelia Road. Aaron Dominguez has been named principal at this school. He has 14 years in education including seven years in Houston ISD where he was an elementary school principal and dean of students in a middle school.
  • Landrum Middle, 2200 Ridgecrest. Steven Speyrer, who served as associate principal at both Ridgecrest Elementary and Landrum Middle schools, is the new principal. He has 20 years in public education service.
  • Northbrook Middle, 3030 Rosefield. Sarah Guerrero has been named as new principal at this school. She has served eight years in Houston ISD as middle school teacher, assistant principal and principal.
  • Spring Woods Middle, 9810 Neuens. Deborah Silber is new principal here. She has 17 years of teaching and administrative experience in both SBISD and Houston ISD. Most recently, she served as assistant principal at Spring Woods High School.
  • Stratford High School, 14555 Fern. Robert “Danny” Gex was named earlier this year as the new high school principal. He has 24 years in education and 12 years in Spring Branch ISD as a teacher and coach, or assistant principal and associated principal.
  • Spring Branch Academy of Choice/Cornerstone Academy, East Transition Campus, 8655 Emnora. Jill Wright has 27 years of experience in SBISD. She has led Cornerstone Academy, the district charter middle school, since its opening, and will now also lead this alternative high school program. Both of the campuses are based at Spring Branch Education Center (SBEC), located in the 9000 block of Westview, now under renovation.
  • DAEP (Disciplinary Alternative Education Program), 9000 Westview. Kedrick Lookadoo has been named new director here. He has 13 years of experience in a variety of education positions in Cypress Fairbanks ISD.


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