Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bus Drivers Appreciation Week (Oct. 19-23)

Have you ever thought about being a bus driver? 

Join us as we celebrate Bus Drivers Appreciation Week (Oct. 19-23) and consider some of the top reasons people choose to become bus drivers in SBISD.

You are looking for a flexible work schedule.
A typical bus driver usually works early in the morning then late in the afternoon with a long break in-between (perfect for running errands).

You can also drive field trips/other school activities for extra hours. 
If the idea of the ordinary 9 to 5 job puts a bad taste in your mouth, a bus-driving career could be the ideal solution.

You want a job with rewarding benefits. 
School systems show appreciation to their bus drivers by offering summers off if desired, health and life insurance and retirement plans. Driving career training. Every driver must go through a training program to receive their CDL. SBISD offers paid to train for this process.

You care about children’s safety. 
Quality drivers make sure to keep an eye onboard conduct, see that the kids make it into their homes, and enforce safe loading and unloading procedures on a daily basis.

You want to get paid well. 
A career in the bus driving industry can mean making up to 31,000 + per year. There are also several opportunities to pick up extra hours, as well year round pay.

You will get to drive state of the art equipment. 
School buses are now equipped with air conditioning and video cameras.

You have great people skills. 
A career as a bus driver means being surrounded by different types of people every single day. This can include teachers, parents, and school officials and of course, kids! The ability to communicate and deal with an assortment of personalities is a valuable trait for every successful bus driver.

You enjoy working with kids. 
If you love kids, a career as a bus driver could be a very rewarding job. You don’t just need the mechanical skills to get from A to B, but the desire to make them feel as comfortable as possible.

You like to drive. 
Controlling a large vehicle can be exciting for some, and daunting for others. If driving is fun for you, the life as a school bus driver can be both challenging and relaxing.

You remain calm under pressure. 
The situations you will face as a bus driver are severe weather conditions, difficult children and road construction. However, if you have a patient manner and are able to keep a clear head when unexpected issues come your way, problems like these can actually be fun challenges for you.

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