Monday, August 14, 2017

Spring Branch ISD Prepares for Partial Solar Eclipse

Spring Branch ISD’s first day of school on Monday, August 21,  will coincide with a partial solar eclipse, a special learning opportunity for all students. In the Houston region, the peak for the partial eclipse will occur at 1:16 p.m. next Monday and continue for a short period of time ending completely by 2:45 p.m.

The Houston area is not considered an optimal viewing environment for this eclipse like other regions of the nation. However, about two-thirds of the visible sun will be blocked at the eclipse’s peak. All district schools and teachers have now received specific safety precaution information related to viewing the Aug. 21 partial eclipse. Gazing at the sun directly during an eclipse is dangerous to human eye functioning, especially for students. SBISD will allow students only to view this event through solar-eclipse approved sunglasses or filters, pinhole projector or related indirect projection devices, or televised broadcasts and webcasting events.

Educational resources that will help maximize this learning opportunity have been provided to schools by the SBISD Science Team. Additional information may be provided by your child’s campus or classroom teacher. For those unable to safely view the eclipse indirectly, NASA’s livestream of this event will be broadcast here:

“The forthcoming eclipse, which coincides with the first day of school, provides us with a rare and fascinating learning opportunity for our students. We are thrilled with this unique experience and look forward to the learning that this eclipse will provide,” said Tyler Ream, district associate superintendent of academic performance and support.

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