Thursday, October 8, 2015

Texans’ Mascot Toro Talks Up Health and Fitness

View Valley Oaks video on Texans website >>

Toro, the Houston Texans team mascot, visited several SBISD elementary schools during September. At every school stop, the professional football team mascot had simple, but powerful “Get Fit with Toro” messages.

Be active and exercise. Eat Right. Get enough sleep. On Sept. 29, Toro was joined at Valley Oaks Elementary School by John Nickens, executive vice president with Texas Children’s Hospital, and Texans Safety Rahim Moore.

“This means a lot because it reinforces what we say and do with all our kids. The Houston Texans are a wonderful organization. They partner with Texas Children’s Hospital to make good things happen for kids, and we do the same thing in our school,” Valley Oaks Principal Gary Henry said.

“I like to share my story. I tell students to stay active and work hard. Eat right. You never know what you might become. I was a kid like them once, and it’s truly been a blessing for me to be here today,” said Moore, who wears Texans No. 26 jersey.

In addition to the Valley Oaks Elementary visit, Toro brought his healthy “Get Fit” message to several other SBISD campuses, including Pine Shadows Elementary on Sept. 8 and Memorial Drive Elementary on Sept. 11.

View the Texans video compiled from Toro’s visit to Valley Oaks >>


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